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Current accounting

Daily bookeeping of documents, performed in accordance with guidelines of the Norwegian tax office, by a team of experienced, authorized accountants. Constant, monthly accounting and ongoing analysis that will relieve you from accounting matters and give you confidence that your company’s finances are safe.

Payroll and HR administration

A wide range of services related to the management of your company’s human resources and the payroll process of your current employees. We have full knowledge of specific needs, unique pay components and payroll systems in various industries, additionally not remaining in the employer-employee relationship, we have an objective assessment of the HR management process.

Documents and reports to the tax office

Timely and reliable preparation and forwarding of financial statements and other reports to the tax office, which are inherent in every entrepreneur’s duties.

Accounting reports, settlements and annual reports

Preparing accounting reports and easy access to them will show the financial condition of your company. With our accounting reports, you can safely plan your revenue and expenses, and most importantly, keep control of your costs and easily set your company’s budget.

Registration of companies and business entities

Comprehensive service related to planning, implementation and registration of new business entities. Our experts will advise you on which organizational form of a Norwegian company to choose and will adapt it to the specifics of the planned activity, as well as the tax aspects of its operation.

HMS courses and trainings in the construction industry

Organization of training courses on  Health and Safety at the construction sites in Norway, in cooperation with our partner Soluton AS. Thanks to those trainings you will learn the Norwegian culture of work, the requirements of the employer regarding the competence, the means of personal protection as well as the necessary documentation on the construction site.

Licenses, certificates

Applying on behalf of employees to selected institutions (eg Arbeidstilsynet, DSB) for permission to use foreign certificates and recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad.

Services provided to foreign business entities

Professional and prompt service in Norwegian, English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Spanish and Polish, consisting of providing tax consultations, holding business negotiations, servicing corporate processes of foreign entities that are already running or planning to start a Norwegian business.

Scanning center and virtual accountancy

The document scanning center, located in a virtual database, is a solution that will greatly speed up the flow of documents in your business. In addition, virtual accounting allows you to have full access to your financial documents from anywhere.

Services provided to individual clients

We are also open to an individual client. A specialized team of Polish Connection consultants will provide you with comprehensive information in the broader field of life and work in Norway.

Business support and consulting

Advisory services for existing companies as well as for individuals planning to start a business. Thanks to our wide knowledge, creativity and network of connections, we are constantly finding new, custom solutions supporting the development process of your company.

Legal support

Comprehensive legal advisory services for business entities, nonprofit organizations and individuals, in cooperation with the Norwegian law firm Codex Advokat, which has the power to represent before courts in Norway.