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We learn about your business and see things you may be missing. Through close collaboration we identify the right solutions and relevant tools to help you add value to your company.

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The Uni Economy accounting system is based on the state-of-the-art technology, with a powerful and robust "engine" under the bonnet.

Thanks to the adaptable and flexible structure of the system, you can be sure that this solution will overcome the challenges encountered. Thanks to possessing Uni Economy, your company will always be well-prepared.
Frequently asked questions

Vi jobber for de store og de som kommer til å bli store.

The decision concerning the type of organisation you should choose depends, among other things, on whether you want to be employed in your own company, how much risk you are willing to take, what the scope of the business will be, or how many owners will be involved.

If you intend to operate in addition to your regular job, a sole proprietorship may be 
a better choice.

If you have a long-term vision and you wish to completely separate your personal finances from the business, setting up a private limited company may seem the right solution.

A brief overview of the differences between the two forms of ownership:

A sole proprietorship has a single owner, is not a legal entity and the owner is liable for all debts. There is no requirement regarding share capital.

AS can be owned by several individuals, is a legal entity and liability is limited to the paid-up share capital. A minimum capital of NOK 30,000 is required.

If you do not know what decision to make, do not hesitate to contact us. Schedule an appointment and we will explain everything during the non-binding meeting.

Source: Altinn