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* To finish as quickly as possible, you should have NOK 30,000 in share capital ready.
The service costs NOK 15,000 + NOK 1,140 for changing the company name.
Fees for Brønnøysundregisteret can be paid from the company account.

A shelf company is

a fully registered and unused company that can be bought immediately.

A shelf company is the right choice when

Time critical

transactions can save you a lot if you act on time.

Registering a new company takes one to two months.

Registering a shelf company with Omega only takes two working days.

A rare opportunity

appears with an assignment that must be done via a company


you want to buy a property through a company, so that you can simplify the process and save expenses.

You have neither

D number or social security number


you do not want to have to go through a time-consuming process.

Aleksandra setter opp et nytt Hylleselskap og smiler stor på sitt kontor i Oslo.

Hi, my name is Aleksandra!

I have assisted my clients with shelf companies for many years, and understand how important it is to you that this happens quickly.

That is why I have streamlined the process, so that you can get started with your company as quickly as possible.

You can start right away by sending me all the details via the form below. I will then contact you shortly.

Best regards,

Aleksandra Fajfer Eriksen

Owner, Omega Accounting

Buy your shelf company from Omega Accounting

We are a state-authorised accounting agency with a total of 200 years of experience.

All our shelf companies are clean and tidy.

What do we mean by "clean and tidy"?

When you buy a company, you will take over all obligations, including any debts.

This can be risky if everything is not taken care of.

We guarantee you that the company you take over is clean - without operations or liabilities. We can also guarantee that all necessary reports to the authorities have been submitted within the applicable deadlines.


Frequently asked questions

Prosessen tar vanligvis 2 virkedager om du levere all dokumentasjon og signerer fortløpende.

Our price for a fully registered company is NOK 15,000 + VAT fee of NOK 1,440 to Brønnøysundregisteret.

Transferring a shelf company to a new owner usually takes two working days if you deliver all the necessary documentation and a signed agreement today.

The share capital was paid when the company was founded. However, you pay a corresponding amount to us, who are the owners of the company. The entire calculation looks as follows:

Share capital paid: NOK 30,000

New registration in Foretaksregisteret (Brreg fee): – NOK 5,570

Price for purchase of company including VAT: – NOK 18,750

Amount left in account (transferred to buyer): Ca. NOK 5,500

You can buy the company without a social security number or D-number. We will then apply for the allocation of a D-number to you and the board. This is a time-consuming process, and you must attend the ID check in person. We still have access after the sale, so that all reports are taken care of.

More information about D-number.

Based on the information we receive, we will assess whether a credit check is necessary. We carry out ID checks in all sales processes.

The processing time at the banks and Brønnøysundregisteret is very long when you start a company in the traditional way. If you have to wait for many weeks for an organization number, you may risk losing an important contract or property you want to buy through the company.

If you were to start a company yourself in the usual way, you would have had to expect a processing time of 2 weeks to 2 months at the bank.
The processing time at Brønnøysundregisteret depends on demand, but often it takes up to a month. You can check this here. The overview is updated every hour.


How does it work?

In the form below, you enter all the information we need to prepare the necessary documentation. We will also contact you to carry out a quick ID check.

Got questions? We are here to help you. Do not hesitate to get in touch by phone or email. We respond quickly!